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We are busy, busy, busy down here at Readerfest headquarters and bubbling over with excitement - and if you knew what we knew, you'd be all a-bubble, too! We're getting confirmations and word out as FAST as we can, though, so stay-tuned, as always!

Today, we're excited to announce that we will be having Photographer Philotera at our event capturing this momentous occasion!

Also, West Coast Self Storage is graciously sponsoring our event and we're so happy to have their support!

In addition, we are excited to launch our "Resources" page with our first resource, Judith Tarr - The Writing Mentor! This page will feature our trusted resources that we want to make our readers, writers, and other artists aware of - connecting small, personal, trusted experts with the people who need them. We are SUPER excited to help build a community this way! Do YOU have a favorite resource? Let us know!

Also, there are 24 days till Readerfest! Worried you might lose a day? Don't worry, there's now a countdown over there in the sidebar so there is no risk of missing this one day event! OOOOH! The anticipation!

Lastly, and certainly not least-ly, this is a community event and we are a non-profit organization and the event is getting a little... exciting? If you want to be PART of Readerfest, we SURE could use some hands on deck at the event! Please contact us to find out how you can get in on this!


We are SO thrilled! We have an eclectic mix that we've added to Readerfest today - we have Roger Fernandes, a brilliant and traditional storyteller in of the Lower Elwha Band of the S'Klallam Indians, Scott Hinckley, a globe-trotting photographer, and BJ Gonzalvo, PhD, a psychology researcher, organizational scientist, and musician.

Quite the mix! Whatever you might be into, there is going to be something there for you at Readerfest! And there is SO MUCH MORE! So stay tuned!

We are so excited to announce that Angel Gardner, 21 year old Youth Poet Laureate for 2016-2017, Photographer and Author Elizabeth Bourne, Tor Editor and avid Steampunker Diana M Pho, and Masseuse and Reiki Practitioner Daniel Benschoter LMP will be joining us at Readerfest - and we are STILL adding more guests to our event!

Stay tuned for even more excitement and visit the home page for more information about our exciting, freshly added guests!

We hope to see you there!

Kat Kruger, Author

The Chief Wordsmith at Steampunk Unicorn Studio, Kat Kruger, has joined Readerfest! Such excitement!

Kat Kruger is Chief Wordsmith at Steampunk Unicorn Studio. With over ten years’ experience writing in the entertainment and gaming industries the studio offers a wide gamut of storytelling, workshop, and publishing services. Formerly the creative director at Fierce Ink Books and an associate producer at CBC, Kat’s focus is on producing content with flair and providing talks on creative and gamified learning.

She is also an acclaimed YA author, having written the novel adaptation of Bruce McDonald's film Weirdos as well as the Lycan Code series (formerly The Magdeburg Trilogy) which has been translated into German by Random House.

We cannot believe that we are almost ready to begin our 30 day countdown! Please come join us - visit for more information!

Nancy Kress, Author (Book Cover of "The Best of Nancy Kress")

We are SO excited to announce that author Nancy Kress, award winning author of:

  • Beggars in Spain (Novella)
  • Fountain of Age (Novella)
  • Yesterday's Kin (Novella)
  • Probability Space (Novel)
  • The Common Good (Short Story)
  • ...and many more

....will be joining us at Readerfest on September 9th, 2017 at Magnuson Park (Click HERE for more information on the event)!

To learn more about Ms. Kress, please visit her home on the web at:!

We hope to see you there!

We are so excited to announce that we have added Bards of a Feather, Billy Mockingbird, Kathleen Alcala, and Free Valley Publishing to the Readerfest event! We are THRILLED at the way Readerfest is taking off and there will be just SO MUCH excitement!

We are SO excited to announce that Sally Brandle has joined the line up for Readerfest!

Sally Brandle, Author

If you aren't familiar with Sally (and you really should be), she found herself tired of skipping the standard sex scenes hunting for witty dialogue and exciting stories of real women leading real lives and succeeding surrounded by a community of genuine female friends. So she took language and writing into her own hands and created her first series, "Love Thrives in Emma Springs," featuring five tales of women taking life at a slower pace.

We are so excited to have her at Readerfest this year!

If you would like to learn more about Sally Brandle, please visit her website at!

Readerfest LogoCurious about the inspiration for #RealReaderfest and Karen Junker's background? Check out this interview in the Seattle Review of Books!

#RealReaderfest was featured in the Seattle Review of Books on Monday! Check it out and be sure to bring your family down for the fun!

Readerfest Sept 9, 2017 - Free Event in Seattle, Washington!

We are so excited! Just added Casondra Brewster, David S. Moore, Rachel Barnard, Victoria Bastedo, Cynthia Moyer, Susan McDonough-Wachtman, Treetangle Publishing, and Alex Phoenix to the Readerfest line up!